Our  lining division undertakes projects ranging from private ponds built to compliment high-end developments and palaces to water holding ponds and canals for industrial purposes.


The cooling and aesthetic effects of ponds have led to a significant increase in the private sector's demand for larger and more elaborate designs incorporating fountains, bridges and islands, all of which introduce new design challenges requiring a detailed knowledge of the various available liner products and their individual pros and cons.  


Our applications span;


  • Aesthetic fish and plant friendly ponds,

  • Lazy rivers,

  • Evaporation and irrigation ponds,

  • Agricultural Pits and Ponds

  • Aquaculture Applications

  • Canals

  • Constructed Wetlands

  • Decorative Water Features

  • Landscaping Features

  • Retention Ponds

  • Water Reservoirs


Our Product offering;


  • PVC, HDPE and TPO membranes,

  • Fish and plant friendly EPDM membranes,

  • PVC liners,





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